Who Needs You? Or Better Yet, Who Do You Need?

May 25, 2023

Recently a volunteer with Community Life Ride shared about her decision to volunteer with the senior adult ministry at her church. She felt led to be around people who were a bit more seasoned than her and thought she surely could be a help to them.

Around the same time, she also became a volunteer driver with Community Life Ride. Bethany Johnson is busy working full-time, a mom, student, softball coach and serves in her church. She found flexibility and wondered how she might use it. Bethany found herself assisting with senior gatherings and outings at church as well as providing rides for riders of Community Life Ride.

In reviewing the past few months, she can confidently say that she was not there just to help. Instead, the love, acceptance and friendship that she was shown by the seniors at church was extraordinary and she is so thankful to be a part of the group. She realized that she was the one who needed them!

As Bethany drove with Community Life Ride, she was able to provide a ride for someone familiar. Although she did not know him personally, she knew of the rider in his younger years as she grew up nearby. Fast forward several year later, and that gentleman no longer drives and needs rides to get where he needs to go. Bethany is quick to assist when the opportunity arises. She knows she will get more out of it than the rider. She will drop him off and have a smile on her face knowing that her time with him was filling to her own soul. 

This morning I was thinking about organizations who use volunteers. As someone who oversees volunteers for a non-profit, I rarely run across programs that have too many volunteers. Most organizations, churches, or community services are on the search for volunteers.

We are all looking for those who want to help, who are able to give of their time and resources. On a regular basis I hear that our volunteers come to bless our senior riders. After a drive or two I hear how blessed they are by their experiences. What do you feel called to do? Can you drive someone to an appointment? Can you assist with a gathering of people? Can you pack a food box?

 Most of these things take a couple hours or less. You might be surprised at what you can do with a little bit of your time. What if your flex time might be an opportunity to fill you up to be better at all the other things you have to do?

If you are interested in joining the Community Life Ride volunteer team, please give us a call at 615-431-2660 or log on to www.communitylifebridge.org/ride. If you don’t fit what we do, give us a call, we can help you get connected with other non-profits in Sumner County who are looking for volunteers like you! 

Christine Martin is director of programs at Community Life Bridge.