Volunteering is rewarding, no matter how you choose to serve

Community Life Bridge offers a variety of ways to volunteer


  • Driving for our Community Life Ride program
  • Participating in our outreach efforts at community gatherings such as festivals and expositions
  • Supporting our office staff
  • Encouraging our more isolated clients


Congratulations to Debbie Wilmore for being Community Life Bridge’s Volunteer of the Year 2023! Debbie has been with us since July of 2019 and has driven 68 different riders, traveling over 6000 miles, with over 3,000 of those miles driven in the last year. She is a true CHAMPION for our program!

Debbie is a retired Special Education teacher who doesn’t really have a “favorite” rider because she sees something special in everyone, and that is felt by everyone she meets. She is always joyful and brings laughter into each ride. Debbie has a spirit of giving and can be found substituting in the schools or at other nonprofits, often along with her husband, serving others when she isn’t on the road with Community Life Ride. She is loved by all the staff and we value her so much as part of our volunteer team!