Feeling Vulnerable and the Kindness of Strangers

August 1, 2023

By Christine Martin, Director of Programs
Community Life Bridge

I recently had an experience on the road that had me in a vulnerable place, counting on the kindness of
strangers. Have you ever had car trouble and felt so vulnerable that you quickly became anxious,
assuming that things will not proceed well? Yeah, me too. Here’s what happened…
Monday morning, I’m going about my business and stopped at the post office on my way to work. The
parking lot was packed! I went inside and returned to my car to find that it would not start. Oh no! I am
in this parking spot where no one can jump my battery, the parking lot is full and my car is dead. So, I did
what I planned to do and I called AAA. Quickly I received word that a tech was on the way. Before I could
blink, a tech gave me a call and he was about 5 minutes away, heading in my destination. He talked to
me to understand the circumstances and had full confidence he could help. I told him my car was parked
where it would be difficult and he said, no worries, we’ll make it work. In the meantime, the cars on
both sides of me left and the spots remained vacant until the AAA truck pulled up. Out jumped Christian,
a very nice young man who quickly figured out it was the battery and I would need to replace it. He got
my car running and sent me to the auto parts store since my particular battery would be less expensive
there. Off I went down the street. At the store, I walked in and Tiffany assisted me and shared with me
that they could install the battery. She offered for me to stay in the air conditioning while she installed it
and off she went to take care of my car. Within about 15 minutes, Tiffany returned and my car was back
running! I couldn’t believe it! It honestly was the best-case scenario and I do recognize that. However,
when I found myself out in our community, in a vulnerable place, I found myself taken care of WELL. I
walked away with a smile and continued my Monday the way I began it, ready for the week. Thank you
to Christian and Tiffany who serve in our service industries with a smile, kind heart and willingness to
work with their customers as their focus.
Maybe you have experienced the vulnerability of relying on the kindness of strangers and want to give
back. Maybe you have a heart for serving others like Christian and Tiffany, and enjoy helping vulnerable
folks feel a little bit safer. Maybe, like me, you just love this community and how we treat others, and
want to give back. I’ve got an opportunity for you! Maybe consider driving with Community Life Ride, a
local transportation program that provides rides to older adults (60+) who no longer drive in our
community. We have a staff to support you and state and federal protection when you are driving as a
volunteer. Find out how at communitylifebridge.org.