Did you move here from out of state? Yeah, me too!

October 27, 2023

By Christine Martin

When I think about aging in Sumner County honestly my mind is drawn to those who have lived
here many years and who have raised their families here. They have homes that have stood the test of
change in our community, and they love their community. But what about the rest of us?
I originally moved to Hendersonville in 2005 to train with the company I worked for prior to
Community Life Bridge. I was only here 5 months, but I experienced a major tornado that ripped
through our county and the community that came out to clean up, support and rebuild after the
wreckage. It was such an encouraging experience that I returned to live here again in 2010 when the
opportunity presented itself. The first two years were difficult to find connections and my place in the
community. I was single and found that many people had their families, extended families, and lifelong
friends here. The friends that I made often just spent a short amount of time here as their careers grew
and this community was a steppingstone for them in their careers. I, on the other hand, made the
decision to make Sumner County my home. It took some time, but I found connections in local churches
and volunteer opportunities. Soon I saw people I knew in the grocery store and was invited to birthday
parties and gatherings of friends. That may seem simple, but when moving into a new community that is
something that it takes time to establish. Once you get to that point, somehow where you are feels like
What does our community look like now 13 years after I moved here? I may no longer be new,
but there are a lot of new faces around here! Recently I trained a group of three new volunteers at
Community Life Bridge and all 3 had moved here within a short period of time from Illinois. We have
several volunteers who have moved here from out of state. These new faces are making this
community better by giving of their time and serving in many of our non-profits. I’ll be honest, they also
may be establishing bigger pickleball leagues too!
As we grow, we each have things to learn from each other. When I have the opportunity to talk
to those who have lived here all their life, I love to hear the rich history and all that has taken place in
over the years. I think of so many old houses and so many new houses. Some may see this is a negative,
but I see it as who we are now. We are a little melting pot of people who care about their community –
some have been here a long time and some are a new addition. All are valuable and make this a great
place to live.