Community: We need each other
By Christine Martin, Director of Programs
Community Life Bridge

January 24, 2023

As I looked out today at a group gathered for a Christmas party, I saw tables filled with those who serve
sitting side by side with those that are served. You honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the
two. They were dressed similar, everyone smiling and laughing, and each person was there to enjoy
each other. As I reflected on the party, all I could say was, “This is how community should look.” I shared
that with someone who is new to serving with this group. She responded by saying that she was
enjoying serving so much and looking back isn’t sure why she waited so long to do so.
The group that was gathered was Community Life Bridge, a non-profit in Sumner County that provides a
ride program called Community Life Ride. The program uses volunteer drivers to assist those who no
longer drive to get places in our community. The riders in the program can go to various destinations,
including medical appointments, shopping, eating out or going to visit a friend. As the volunteer drivers
take the riders places, friendships are built. Quickly both our riders and drivers realize that this program
is beneficial to their life.
What would it look like in our community if we all served as we are able? What would it look like in our
community if those of us who have needs made those needs known? Could the two come together? I
believe the answer is yes, as I have seen how it has worked within Community Life Ride and many other
non-profits in Sumner County. We as a community need each other and that may mean different things
to different people. Your need may be for purpose and friendship while another community member’s
need may be to get to an appointment or to shop for a gift for a birthday. These needs can be combined
to be a beautiful thing!
What kind of goals do you have for 2023? Would you consider having a goal of serving others in a new
way? There are so many ways to serve in our community and so many ways you can make a difference
in someone’s life while making an impact on your own life. Maybe your goal is to get out of the house
more and build friendships that will help you to live your life with more abundance. This community is
full of opportunities to do that! If you no longer drive, give us a call at Community Life Ride and let us be
a part of helping you accomplish that goal. If you are looking for ways to serve, we have opportunities
for you to do that as well or we can help you get connected to other service organizations that need
volunteers. Community Life Bridge is a resource to seniors in our community and can be reached at 615-

Article from: Hendersonville Standard Newspaper December 29, 2022 edition